Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Yesterday was last day of allan at work. Maybe that's a story he should share instead of me. Or maybe in his book, in that chapter I'm the narrator. Hope no, I'm terrible with that. Anyway he worked for the company like 2 years and 3 months, or at least he says so. From my POV he was a standard engineer, but it wasn't enough for him. It's curious how the last day can define a man. I think all that day reflects completely allan's nature. He arrived late but stayed after dusk. He likes better the place at night. He ate at the cafeteria even though we all now it stinks. He wanted to experience all the specific quirks of the place, maybe. We walked a last time side to the Syndicate Tree. Good memories live there. =) He tried to make all things as usual, but he made a few quirks in the way. For instance, instead of leaving a good-bye mail as anyone else; he sent an "out-of-office" as if he was about to take 10 years of vacation. He insisted to be checked at the exit, as if to leave no doubt he had nothing in his bags.

Some days ago I had another weird anecdote with ivonne. Why life continues to twist the world when we are around? I like it, though... It's just that Entropy is strong in our friendship. :/ I can't even put all these experiences... Just to say, I may have been slapped and with good reasons. Other female friends would have do it. By the way, that reminds me, I have at least two things to strike from my "At least once" list =) Recently a couple of friends remind me about the time I was slapped for touching a couple of bubbies 8-) Cie la vie, I was that innocent once... The other item, well I won't mention that one, it's a tactile experience...

Work has been heavy, strikes of more than eleven hours, rushes, pressure, constant bad attention. And somehow I like my work more this times than when the water is low. Yet the only thing I'm starting to abhor with great disgust is the SNAFU.

Time has arrived to invite once more to my bday party. Coming to 26 at first seemed scary, but now it's joyful :) A gem inside the mixture is the proportion of women invited. In this 3 years I have doubled the people I seriously want to see there. The road of extroversion, I guess.


As my gift to myself I bought a little thing, Larissa. Welcome to the family. She's teaching me music and Chinese. Cookie point to anyone who knows why of the name.