Saturday, April 15, 2006

I didn't went to Manzas, yet I don't regret. Why? Because that made me stay and see my family who came to visit us. There are several remarks I want to write, hope I can remember them. A sure thing is that, having family living around is quite an experience. I mean those times when we are so many under a roof that to go to the kitchen you have to avoid stepping over someone. Yes, 1 bathroom for all of us is a nightmare, but has a certain charm. And packing people inside Lucy, that's also fun.
Anyway, I'm not sure if I had say it before, but about 2 months ago my mother-grandma lives with us. However she is very solitaire. Her people-skill is mainly intimidation. She likes to think she don't need you. The truth is that at her age, with her health that's beyond her. :( However she is still solitaire.
Not this time though. As my family wanted she to be comfortable, we went to other parts of the house, trying to make no noise... That brought the effect that she wanted to attract attention, lots of it. People say age is a bell, that you act like a kid, then you grow up, and then you return... That's probably right.
... Ok here's the shameful part... this entry took soooo longo to write that I have forgot what I wanted to say here... sorry... I guess this could never see the light, but what's the point, better this than nothing.
Just a reminder for me, when you grow old, please please please... be mysterious. That seems to be the better road. Unless you suddenly become the kind of elder who is beyond time. Classy.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I have always think of myself as a good netizen. In other words, I believe myself a no-one guy over the internet, but well educated. I got a wiki, before wikipedia was mainstream. I programmed with php when it didn't have objects and GET and POST variable were the same. You say Object Oriented, I said Design by Contract. Have a rocketmail account! Yes, that was before hotmail existed. Ok, I was late to blogs things... But what I intend to say (I'm not just fancing. I know I'm not really so avant-garde) is that is common for me to read good stuff that I don't think my peers know. Ruby on Rails? For example. Have you read Paul Graham? That's a place you can start to learn lots and lots. Have you played with Flickr? Librarything? Frappr? Come on guys. If you want a healthy internet you need to be active in the community... All this rant comes from the basic principle that we tend to be apathic. Only use what's needed. There are so many things worth playing. Yes, it cost. Of course, I wouldn't be of any use if only the web was my life. The thing is meat space can benefit from you being online! Have you searched for your community? I mean, at least in Mexico there is the presidential elections coming soon. I receive many mails against el peje, but have I searched for the truth? It is rather stupid to make your opinion based on chain messages. No matter if they are true. We must step back and consciously search for answers.
On the side note, I commonly help people, but it's an unfocused thing. One fish a day, instead of a school of how to fish... Now I'm changing it from the cozy web. I'm starting a Freecycle group in Guadalajara. I haven't received the approval, but what the heck, I won't accept members until I receive it. But I want my friends to know, to participate. It's a great idea. I have to be part of this. If you find a typo or anything, tell me.

ps. I won't link to those awesome topics I just tell. Hoping that will prompt a conscious decision if you want to follow the lead.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Felicity is a complex beast. By all means, I'm not in the position I want to be. Yet, who cares. Yesterday I was thinking when I was closing my eyes, "shit, I really messed up. Shouldn't do that again." And now, I'm about to do the same or so, "damn, I really got that right, isn't?" Of course Today I made one completely different thing. I spent the day with who I want to be... Harsh truths. If I think it, I have not enough reasons to be so satisfied with this magnificent day, but I loved it. It wasn't perfect, and that's the best part... Wow stunning. Paradox is a fine friend. There's this sense that I'm living a story greater than life... Stupid I know, but Lady Fortune can I trust you?

I'm tired, I won't pretend this blog will mean much to anyone besides me. Too much sun, laughs, fresh air, green, bare feet, zumbananas, volleyball, love words??, *sigh*