Monday, March 20, 2006

My use of wiknology.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Allan says it's good to work hard, party hard, which at least this weekend is a rough good description. I disagree. A year ago, I was really against the idea friend had that all you need is fun. That wouldn't be enough for me. Anyway, yesterday I went to yadira's bday party. She organized a lot that event, in her house. Rented a karaoke, some candles here and there, 3 boxes of beer and so on and on. It felt "normal". In the sense of 2/3 ordinary, 1/3 you-know-how-that-feels. I came there a bit on the hope not to feel so out of the place, which is strange. Since when did I want to feel part of some group? I know more. [No I didn't want to say better ¬.¬]. Anyway, at first mood was slow. However somehow all ended more than fun. Played couple of hands with mariana and yadira, slapjack was the game. Amazingly my reflexes were better than theirs. Before that with pollo and some other iec-related guys, we played "Stop". Don't know how to translate that.
If you ever have wondered, "what's the easiest way to enter a tight group?"; you'll find that it is by being stupid. Left that to the reader to understand why guys and ladies, each by their own reasons work that way. Anyway, I sucked big on that game. Pompous will be the least if I tried to say the previous reasoning was the cause of my suckness. So, as I was saying, I lost. As the price to pay I had to sang in the karaoke :/ Ok ok, I would want to say it to them, but it wasn't really that hard, but I wouldn't say that it was easy to me to do that... They wanted a price. The song was "tres veces te engañe" or so. Didn't knew the notes. Yes again I sucked there, but inside myself I enjoyed it. I heard twice "hey, he can sing", which is an infinite more times what I expected. Later yadira asked me if we could sing, I owe her a song from mariana's bday. Yet, yesterday we couldn't do it, far more people wanted to sing. And I couldn't select a melody.
Those kind of parties weightened against all those hours of work point to one thing. I wish I could describe where this is going. Between dreams I know this is a new road, something is being released. When I wake up I tell to myself, nah, that doesn't make sense, it's blurry.