Thursday, August 12, 2004

I'm pretty happy right now, it's the eye of storm you see... Tonight, I received my first pay in my new job. More than I thought, after you take taxes... Tomorrow I'll have a party, that I just decided to have. For the people who need excuses, we came with the "it's Diana's new apartment" =) I've great expectations for what would happen there. I'll tell you after the event.

Some notes about what have happened, since my last post. A couple of days ago, I was very tired and walked my way home, thinking how I'll connect and work a bit more. And then I heard music from my home, it was my brother having a party. It was strange for me, that environment. There I discovered a new girlfriend of my bro. And to my surprise, I saw people. Let me rephrase with some background. Most of the time, when I see my brother, I watch a boy. I think of him as very immature, not responsible, short-sighted and other things. Yet in those people I saw like in a mirror my brother. These guys are fun, look completely normal, young adults as you could expect from people in the 22's. And one knows that most of the times, friends are likely people. I know it's sad to have so different opinion... But I'm glad I discovered a little more about who is my bro.

I think Wednesday I had an unusual chat. About eight people attacking me, well, to tell the truth yelling me "It's time to move!!" This reminds me about three different perspectives about myself. Diana thinks I'm not impulsive enough, Padilla tells me that I'm not open enough to let my feelings flow and then there's Mariana who thinks I have enough initiative. To them I would say, it's true that I'm not so active, but believe me I do a lot of things just for the sake of it, no rational process behind. I do think that I'm more than open with my feelings, those eight guys know more about them, than what it's normal. I have many confidents (allan says that they are too many). What I'm trying to say is that I purposely expose my feelings to the open, so I find natural that they are a bit more "ordered" than what people normally feel. I mean, if I try to share them, it's quite natural to tender them softly so people can get them. Many times if you ask the right question two times in a day, you'll see a radical change, that's because they aren't engineered to share, they are just clean enough for your eyes... To Mariana I'll say, that I just do what I think it's proper to do, which isn't enough for me to say I have initiative.

I'll put a few more details.