Saturday, February 05, 2005

Someone stole the covers of my Lucy!!! ARGHHH. And he had the cynism of retrieving 3 of 4, not 1, not 4, just enough to leave a message "Thanks for all, and by the way I leave one to be an eye-catcher so anyone will know something is missing..."

Thanks whoever do this, thanks. My life was to boring and plain to continue... Next time, why don't you brake a window just to rob me my paper-ships...

These words are sponsored by some poor bastard that cannot do any better than steal, but he can't have my hope in humanity nor my good mood. I'm done.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Today I learnt something about me, that I never suspected to be. A practical joke provoked ripples that I could've never imagined I had. Someone, I greatly appreciate, said the she was about to be married. And I was full of excitement and felicidad. Most of you can't imagine how feliz I was about that idea. And as fast as it took her to tell me, as fast as she regretted, because it was only a joke. And as high as I went with the good news, as low as I went hearing it was a lie.

Of course, I didn't get mad with the author of that thing or with she. It just felt, plain wrong to mock about it. At the end of the day, it's none of my business if she gets married or not. Yet, I discovered how hard can it be to me to joke about someone's felicity. I can joke about beliefs, pours dying of hunger, stupids, almost everything... And somehow this I want to keep sacred. Marriage is a concept without meaning in the present day, so it isn't about mocking the institution... But hey, everyone has the right to mock about what they desire, so I'll have to learn to handle it. Cynism is the new black.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Her name's Paty and she is pretty as the sky. Her gaze penetrates the mist of apathy and has a face of porcelain. Who could have those fleshy lips and not be sexy? I have a weak spot for girls dressed in pink. Maybe 1.57m with all the proper contours, can't say that her butt didn't catch more than one sight; but hey, I was charmed by her eyes. No. Really. They had that kind of spark, so difficult to find now. The type who makes you feel as if she knows something funny is happening right beyond the sight. Glamour. She had a short hair style that oddly had a golden aura if you watched carefully while she moved. More than once her laugh got the attention of the crowd, but she's shy. By the way she talked using her mobile, one knows she doesn't pertain to the common people. She had a stiff nose and passed most of the night chit-chatting with her friend, while the light played tricks with her even skin, small glitters around her eyes.

I could tell you about her interesting earrings, or how I really like when women shoe high-heel-free-foot-with-only-one-straw-to-sustain-shoes =) But nah, no point. It's pretty lame to say this but, I passed six hours with this gorgeous lady and talked to her about three times :S (BTW, she is a friend of my brother and we where in my mother's b-day party....)

So why do I write this thing? How stupid am I? (being sissy and leaving evidence) Yet, the truth is, I write here because I'm happy 'cause I do saw her. (If anyone wonders, the party was great, ended at 4:00AM, I song a lot, and danced even more, even with her)