Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Yesterday at night I watched Isabel Madow(sp?), known basically because her body and her work with Brozo. I presume that everyone in México had heard about "La secretaria de Brozo". She has a great body, but I watched and interview with her, so I could know who has behind the facade of sex symbol. I discovered a woman who was teached that the perfect women don't talk. A woman that has lived under the shadow of her beauty. I'm not saying that she is really the philosopher that we expected, just want to tell what I saw. She is accustomed to play with men, with the downside of not being taken serious. On the interview she couldn't answer well, because she was interrupted and because she was afraid of saying nonsense. People can label her a bimbo and I wonder if that's because they want one.
There's a great desire to write from now on, on lojban (bau la lojban.), but I restrain out of respect for anyone who reads out (which probably doesn't want to learn it). As I expected and waited my lojban has improved, caused by the teacher-student dynamic that has appeared. And this is the perfect excuse to talk about many things.

One learns more when one teaches about it. Try it whenever you really want to learn. Of course you'll need preparation but then you'll've a motive, a reason. I teaching Günter lojban and the deal says he german. I probably should describe him, on this blog... No that will open the way to a description of every person I which to talk on this thing...

Have you discovered yourself making introductions, only to make your argument more "trustfull"? I mean if I had just stated "One learns more when one teaches about it." without the experience to "support" it, would people think it less true. I can view many people saying "Yeah, you say so... blah blah". For example if one say "One is lucky to be alive, to have parents who love you..." most would approve it (nod) and discard it for being a cliché.

And then there are some few who can see in fiction a truth. That view in exagerations, lies and what-if's means to generate knowledge/sophos/sabiduría. Today is in part a sad day for me. I just discovered another one who will never read sandman. And that's because it has drawings, all was fine up to the point in which he saw them. It was sad not because it was sandman (even though it's great and a must, on my list); why do people complain "That movie was crap it can't be real"? Or, "that's for childs" refering to a cartoon.

Hope padilla didn't feel that way when he wrote about reiki and erick and me. I'm really open to experience things outside my paradigm, but there's so much I can believe without proof.

(You know I'll probably have taken four times this time to write the same with lojban... but expect lojban lessons here)

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Now i'll write!!! Much to tell, little time to leave a print of my little events. Yesterday was Yorch Sponge b-day. It was a good afternoon but I highly suspect wasn't as fun as yorch would like it. Yet I keep wondering what makes yorch move on this jungle. On other news (since there's not so much to talk) lojban has climbed level in my priorities. .ie.ui It sucks to want to write with time against one. co'o