Saturday, February 07, 2009

Several days ago I told padilla a simple truth, I would happily play rpg every single day of my life. Two days later I sent an email asking some friends if they wanted to join me. Voila! I'm just doing that. :)

Why am I so excited? Is my life so boring I have to create a magic world as to compensate something? Nah, something much more simple. I like to weave stories. I don't portray myself as an augmented person (to my knowledge), I just describe universes. I'm just glad I'm writing every single day. One day, I will finish my novella; and my friends may read it. However, I write because I love myself while writing. 100% selfish reasons. (Surprise, doing math and coding is just the same.)

I love doing my research while writing, and I have tons of it in this rpg adventure. The players will probably never ever get to know many details, but I love doing it anyway. Why did I chose milk? Why june 09? Who is Pancho? And so on... I'm no Tolkien, but I enjoy having reasons and plausability for everything it happens. A universal juggler.

Campaign are art, by the same merits as any other performance. Will it ever be recognized, as comics step by step are becoming, a supported media? I doubt it, but it is art, even when friends, that should know better, are blind to it. If it is a performance art, shouldn't you repeat the general story? Is Theater an art each time it is performed, or is the global event? World seems to think that once is enough. Oscars are sent to people doing an awesome after-N-repetitions-selecting-the-best job. Nonetheless, I should try... someday.

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