Thursday, February 09, 2012

Obligatory disclaimer: I'm not defending the guy nor condemning him. It's just an interesting question that I want to answer.
What are the three books that marked your life?
I'm the kind to be stumbled by the question. It will take me a while. Too many to choose and I'm bad with names (languages in general, I blame my lack of musical sense).
Anyways my answer is Sandman, Answer to Job, and Guns, Germs and Steal. (Thanks oxford comma.) They changed the way see life in different ways; all of them represent a facet of myself. Sandman is my young/alternative self. Answer to Job made me Bright. No, I don't remember the author, I think it's Jung. I'm not googling it to be as real to life as possible. GGS changed how I see history, society and is the kind of change I would like to make in the world.
I'm not gonna do a huge/deep analysis, but I had to find the answer, at least once. I wonder what will be my answer in some years…