Friday, June 08, 2007

My voucher hasn't arrived, therefore I'll need to wait until maybe August. For those of you who don't know, I will have a Java certificate. Let me tell you, it's fun and at the same time depressing. I studied a bit, specially the generics, new collections and autoboxing stuff of java 5. I had never used those things before, so I had to learn it. The more I study java, the more I love ruby!! How stupid is autobox? Ugly design. Separating primitives from objects was/is one of the troubles with java. Autoboxing is the answer to a problem they could have avoided from the start. If only anyone had ever knew about Smalltalk... Anyway, it's scary to think how java is the new C++, and jvm the new asm. I should lear a bit more about Xruby...

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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I rejected a very kind invitation from james. He told me if I wanted to rpg on Saturdays. I guess, I never expected to say "No" to that kind of invitation. The reason is simple. By what james has told me, they seem Munchkin. No thanks, I still dream of playing Wraith: The Oblivion one day...

On a side note, today I received the notification. Now I know how much my new salary will be. Good news, I won't work much longer here. I know, it sounds strange to receive the "you won't get as much as you expected". That means to me, "Let's face it. You won't be receiving what you think is fair. Therefore, there's no need to stay there." It's sad to say it this way, but I have lost any faith on my bosses down here. So there's only one place I can go, UP!

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

My brother lives in Canada. Life has certainly changed. I miss him, it's true. Yet, I feel I have more space. Less troubles in life. Sounds like a good thing, isn't? My parents are very sad, but deep down both know it's for the best. I still think, it was fool to go without papers, but it's his life. So in other words, the change is both invisible and primordial. The dynamics in the family are changing fast, so I have yet to realize all the impacts.

Karina got furious after I told her that I gave ride to a complete stranger. That raises the question, is it a good life to be fearful of strangers? Or is it stupid to take risk that's impossible to assess? I know there are no definite answers, but if I had to dwell in one side of the fence, I choose hakuna matata :D

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