Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I have an idea for another story. I don't think I will ever write it down properly so here it is for a souvenir. The idea is rather simple.

Current time, our world. An old a secret society that is aware the Jesus is walking among us. Their mission is to avoid the end of the world. How? By "corrupting" this young man about to be 33 years old. They just have to make him fall in love with a woman or have him have sex (loose virginity). If only that were so easy. Angels are tired of waiting for mankind's judgement day! And, alas, this Jesus is completely unaware of these two parties. He hasn't get to be a Christ. He is just a good man.

I want this to be a humorous story. I don't believe in these things but I want to remain respectful of Christians. Somehow like "Lamb". Why won't I write this story? Because there are thousand of stories about this character... Maybe I can criticize society as any good parody does, but hey, I need more.